Tulpar Technic Engineering Trade Ltd. Sti. , was established in the context of our country's efforts to harmonize with the World and Europe to provide the engineering and consultancy services needed for the operation in accordance with the national and international legislations.

We can carry out consultancy services at different sectors by our well-equipped human resources, which is one of the most basic elements of our corporate identity.

Our organization, which has a wide range of services, has been working on the installation of systems for accreditation standards, survelliance services and also provides engineering consultancy and design consultancy services about all kinds of packaging, tanks, trailers and so on.

Tulpar Technic Engineering Ltd has fulfilled the requirements of all the contractors since its establishment, will continue to work by increasing its brand value day by day.


  1. Considering our brand value and customer requirements, customer focused, depending on our core values, exhibiting a management approach that offers high quality, creative solutions and aims at continuous improvement,
  2. Providing services in compliance with the national and international standards,
  3. To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders,
  4. To be a leading company, which is proud of being a part of its employees, is the Quality Policy of Tulpar Technic Engineering

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