International Survelliance Facilities

Tulpar Technic Engineering Ltd. was appointed as international surveillance compay in relation to foreign trade goods by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade in order to carry out international oversight activities on the approach of focusing on quality control, quantity control and other financial conditions related to storage, loading, unloading and the condition of transport during transport.

In other words, the importer and /or exporter apply to international surveillance companies to ensure that the issues agreed upon in relation to the foreign trade are fulfilled.  International surveillance companies control the product specifications, quality, quantity, price etc. and prepare the report by giving the details of  measurements and analyzes.  All around the World the foreign trade is performed by relying on the data gathered from these   surveillance reports.

 In this manner, the surveillance company is audited and approved by the experts from Ministry of Trade.that it has the minimum needed conditions to carry out surveillance facilities such as expert personnel and infrastructure. Although goods are produced under controlled conditions, quality control is very  important for determining the quality of the goods prior to distributionof them to the market and it also determines the situation before the shipment or delivery to the buyer from the  manufacturer and the exporter. In this way, the shipment of the goods which have not the desired quality criteria is prevented so the occurrence of different types of problems is significantly reduced.  The desired quality control should be impartial, reliable and internationally recognized.  International Surveillance Companies kuruluş made by the state of the situation of these organizations to determine the reports to be organized, both buyers and sellers provide a sense of trust and after-sales problems to the lowest level It can be downloaded. The reports prepared by the International Surveillance Companies provide a sense of trust to the buyer and the seller about inspections. 

For this purpose, our company is expanding its service area before the delivery of the goods to the buyer in the contract foreseen in the sales contract;

  • Quantity,
  • Quality
  • Packaging,
  • Labelling,
  • Loading,
  • Transport,
  • Delivery Time etc.

to determine which the conditions are met.

Some of the specific surveillance activities carried out as Tulpar Technical Engineering Ltd are given below.

  • Supplier / Dealer Evaluation on behalf of Customer
  • Playground Elements and Ground Arrangements, Outdoor Exercise Equipment
  • Pre-installation surveillance

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