Dangerous Goods Transportation Training

SRC5 Trainings

SRC 5 / ADR Certificates are delivered through the accredited institutions of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. According to the provisions of ADR legislation, drivers carrying Hazardous Goods / Hazardous Waste shall be trained in accordance with the transport / carriage load.

SRC 5 documents are valid documents for 5 years. The document is renewed every 5 years as a result of renewal training and proficiency exam. There are 4 different training courses within the scope of SRC 5 / ADR.

1. Basic Education It is the education that all drivers carrying dangerous goods should take firstly. A driver who completes the Basic Training is authorized to carry dangerous goods in packages or as bulk (bulk). Training Period: 18 Hours Theoretical Training, 1 Hour Practice Training

2. Tank Training Training is required for the drivers who have basic training and who do transport with tanks. Training Period: 12 Hours Theoretical Training, 1 Hour Practice Training

3. Class-1 (Explosive Substance) Trainings In addition to basic training, drivers who transport explosives and objects should receive training. Training Period: 8 Hours

4. Class-7 (Radioactive Materials) Training In addition to the basic education, it is an education that the drivers carrying radioactive material should receive. Training Period: 8 Hours

5. Renewing Trainings Before the expiry of the validated SRC5 Certificates, the certificate will be renewed by conducting half of the training and the examination. For detailed information; You can contact our partner organization, Seğmenler Education Institutions.


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