Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

In accordance with the legislations “businesses operating in the form of sending, packing, loading, filling and unloading operations in the amount of fifty tons or more in a calendar year, and transportation companies with total vehicle carrying capacity of fifty tons and more”

Regardless of the amount of the goods in the ADR Section of the transport category with dangerous substances and dangerous goods transport in the process of taking, sending, packing, loading and filling businesses operating in the Hazardous Materials Safety Advisor to install and implement the system must take.

Application deficiencies arise due to reasons such as new legislation, authorization of dangerous goods security consultants only by passing the exam.

Taking into account the institutional and managerial structure of the company with a proactive approach without taking such shortcomings into account with our consultancy services; It is aimed to carry out the risk analysis for the activity being carried out correctly, to realize the effective and efficient process design and to integrate it into the current system.

Following the system integration, our Dangerous Goods Safety Consultants, consisting of qualified auditors in the fields of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, will actively participate in monitoring and continuous improvement processes.


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