ADR Vehicle Compliance (T9) Consultancy

ADR Vehicle Compliance (T9) Consultancy

  1. ECE R-105 Provisions for the Approval of Vehicles for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods with respect to their particular structural characteristics.
  2. ECE R-111 Motor Vehicles - Provisions Regarding the Approval of the M and O Class Tankers for Rollover Stability.

According to the additional criteria defined in Chapter 9 of the ADR,

  1. Obtaining the documents of the vehicle from the manufacturers,
  2. Evaluating the interim check / periodic inspections of the tank,
  3. Preparation of application documents.

Tulpar Teknik provides technical and managerial support to its employees with its expert staff.

ADR Vehicle Certificate of Conformity for TSE Application Documents

  1. Signature Circular,
  2. Photocopy of Vehicle License (If the vehicle is registered),
  3. Note,
  4. 91 Declaration of Conformity CE issued by the manufacturer, indicating the suitability of the vehicle in accordance with 98/91 / EC or ECE R 105,
  5. Az Declaration of Conformity ler according to ECE R 111 from the manufacturer for tank / tank tanks with test pressure of less than 4 bar,
  6. ifik First Inspection Certificate Mu photocopy for tank / tankers,
  7. Signed Application Form,
  8. Applications are accepted to the TSE electronically. For this reason, the user name and password before the application must be made from the TSE page.

Note: The göster Declaration of Conformity tarafından issued by the manufacturer, which indicates the suitability of the vehicle in accordance with 98/91 / EC or ECE R 105, shall be provided by TULPAR Teknik if it is not provided by the vehicle owner.

Important Reminders

  1. The ADR Approval Certificate, which will be held in Turkish and English, should be on the vehicle.
  2. The document can be requested by the inspection teams on the international roads and roadside inspections in our country.
  3. The validity of the approval certificate shall expire no more than one year after the date of the technical examination.
  4. The next technical review must be carried out within one month before or after the date on the document.
  5. Driver's SRC 5 Documents and Transport Documents on the vehicle will prevent problems in the inspections.


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