Engineering and Projecting Services

Tank ADR / IMDG CODE and IATA DGR, ECE R-111, Pressure Vessel / Aerosol, Packaging, Bulk, Freight Container, IBC (OHK) / Large Packaging


ADR / RID / IMDG / IATA DGR / ICAO-TI DESIGN / Type Approval Consultancy

Tank ADR / IMDG CODE and IATA DGR, ECE R-111, Pressure Vessel / Aerosol, Packaging, Bulk, Freight Container Design Consultancy


Preparation of Accreditation Infrastructure

Accreditation Infrastructure Preparation Solutions


International Survelliance Facilities

Tulpar Teknik Engineering Ltd. was appointed as international surveillance compay in relation to foreign trade goods by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade in order to carry out international oversight activities on the approach of focusing on quality control, quantity control and other financial conditions related to storage, loading, unloading and the condition of transport during transport.


“Sharing Know-How” Practice Trainning with Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

It is given by expert trainers accredited and certified by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure based on legal rules.


Training Services

Dangerous Goods Transport Training and Advisor Services


ADR Vehicle Compliance Certificate (T9) Consultancy Services

ADR Vehicle Compliance (T9) Consultancy


Tulpar Technical Engineering


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Tulpar Quality Policy

Considering our brand value and customer requirements, customer focused, depending on our core values, exhibiting a management approach that offers high quality, creative solutions and aims at continuous improvement,

Providing services in compliance with the national and international standards,

To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders,

To be a leading company, which is proud of being a part of its employees, is the Quality Policy of Tulpar Technic Engineering

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